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Qin Gang’s Bottom and His Brain

Today we found more memorable quotations from Qin Gang, the eloquent and gifted public face of the Brave New China. The first is from China Digital Times: My sincere thanks to Xiao Qiang for the original source and the English … Continue reading

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Ivan is alive!

Based on our most recent clustrmap of our blog’s visitors, we now have reason to hope that Ivan is still alive. We have had three visitors from Russia, and at least one of them is near Novosibirsk, Siberia.   Or perhaps … Continue reading

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Who are the Uighur?

I write this post about the history of the Uighur people as a response to our regular troll Anonymous (aka Ferin), who has a habit of using pseudo-science to justify his discrimination against the majority of non-Han Chinese in this … Continue reading

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Kazakh National Hospitalised in Urumqi Riot

Tonight traffic at this blog has gone way above average with a significant number of clicks going to one of our old posts about Kazahstan. I am not too sure whether this is in relation to a news report from … Continue reading

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Blogger Arrested in Beijing for Writing About Urumqi Riot

AFP reports that China has arrested a university professor in Beijing for writing about the Xinjiang riots on his website.  The AFP report quotes from Reporters Without Borders, which alerts that Professor Ilham Tohti, an economist at Minzu University of … Continue reading

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A Day of Selective Media Censorship in Xinjiang

It was the next day after the outbreak of ethnic conflicts in Xinjiang when foreign journalists received a surprise invitation from the State Council Information Office to go on an official trip to Urumqi, the venue where the mass incidents … Continue reading

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Mass Incident in Urumqi Claims Many Lives

A mass incident of seismic proportion broke out in the evening of 5 July 2009 at Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang.   ABC China correspondent Stephen McDonell filed this report from Beijing for the PM program. ABC – PM | … Continue reading

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China catches up to 17th century Russia

From Radio Free Asia: Authorities in China’s westernmost city of Kashgar are stepping up pressure on government employees to go clean-shaven, and the city’s large ethnic Uyghur population, whose adult males overwhelmingly sport moustaches, aren’t happy about it, residents say. … Continue reading

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Uncle Screwtape on Balance and Cowardice

In a recent thread about the East Turkestan (Xinjiang) dissident Rebiya Kadeer, Catherine mentioned with approbation some earlier words by her interviewer,  Australian journalist George Negus, on the widely supposed need for a journalist to be “fair and balanced.”  Negus dismissed that … Continue reading

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Ren and Stimpy Work For China’s Central Propaganda Department. Unhappy Muslims Will Be Shot!

After you watch enough CCTV (China Central Television) or read enough Xinhua “news” agency press releases (one of the principal sources of Chinese information for Western journalists in China – go figure), you begin to recognise a handful of mass-produced … Continue reading

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