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Visiting Chen Guangcheng

When footage of CNN reporters being attacked outside a small village in the coastal Chinese province of Shandong province was aired in February this year, the world witnessed for the first time the treacherous business of visiting Chen Guangcheng. Chen, … Continue reading

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Rights Activists as Victims of Beijing’s Jasmine Panic

The following is a list of human rights lawyers and activists in China who have become the latest victims of Beijing’s preemptive move to tighten control over voices of dissent, in the wake of events unfolding in Africa and the … Continue reading

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Vision of the Sinicisation of American law

Just imagine what an American courtroom would be like if America’s legal system dumbed itself down to China’s standards in the same way American commercial enterprises have begun to do.     

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Donald Duck Wakes Up In Beijing

For a long time I’ve refrained – just barely – from drawing any direct, unreserved comparisons between Nazi Germany and today’s China. But now with the arrests and imprisonments of Hu Jia and his friend Teng Biao, the time is ripe to change … Continue reading

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Teng Biao: To my wife, from jail

Teng Biao is a legal scholar and a good friend of Hu Jia. He co-authored an open letter “The Real China and the Olympics” with Hu Jia. He has also been active in advocating for Hu since he was arrested. … Continue reading

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While You Aren’t Looking, Beijing Is Being Locked Down

Our personal sources in Beijing have informed us of several recent development which are scarcely being reported in the Western mainstream media, whose attention has been distracted by Tibet.    Various powers in Beijing have taken advantage of this situation to … Continue reading

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