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In memory of Mark Anthony Jones

Our friend “Sojourner” has  informed us that one of our frequent former commenters, Mark Anthony Jones, died at age 40 in November 2009.    He died in his native country, Australia, in which he had recently resettled after several years and … Continue reading

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To MAJ: in reply to his idea of “verifiable empirical research” on Tibet

A while ago, I had a disagreement with Mark Anthony Jones, one of our regular commenters, over the issue of so-called “independent” ”verifiable” ”empirical” research on Tibet.  I called into question the type of “independent authority” on Tibet that MAJ … Continue reading

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MAJ is everywhere! MAJ is Elvis!

As Catherine and Ned and Ivan have recently discovered from  our friend Mark’s comments on this post, it seems that the English-China-Blogopshere is now once again aflutter with excoriations of Mark Anthony Jones and innuendos that his is the hidden … Continue reading

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Enlightening Jones’ “China Discourse”

Now I’ve taken a look at one of Mark Anthony Jones’ essays on his new “China Discourse” site, titled, “Chinese Governance and Society”. I won’t parse and fisk the entire article line by line. I do agree with many of … Continue reading

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Dis Course and Dat Course

Our friend Mark Anthony Jones has invited us to peruse his new site, “China Discourse”, and to share our first impressions. Here are mine, while Catherine will chime in later: So far I’ve only read the introductory page, and my … Continue reading

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Postmodern post disappears!

Yesterday Catherine and I posted a very postmodern post here. For the sake of postmodern thoroughness, we have decided to make it disappear.   We have however saved a copy on our hard drives and will be happy to give one … Continue reading

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