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“I want to see Tiananmen vindicated,” says Hong Kong

Record number of people turned up tonight at the 8.00pm Candlelight Vigil at Hong Kong’s Victoria Park to mark the 20th anniversary of the June 4 massacre.  A New York Times report cites several participants who have expressed different reasons … Continue reading

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No, there is nothing wrong with your monitor.  I have switched the background colour scheme of this blog from light blue to black as a sign of respect for those who died during the Massacre on 4 June 1989.  Lest … Continue reading

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Where is the Tank Man?

Chinese leaders at Zhongnanhai all know the answer.  But they are not going to tell you.  When it comes to the Tiananmen Massacre and the fate of the Tank Man, they have all taken an oath of silence. Jiang Zemin … Continue reading

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Yanhuang Chunqiu Editorial Board Facing Restructuring

An article published in the latest edition of Yanhuang Chunqiu 炎黄春秋 is said to have infuriated a former CCP leader, prompting speculation that the esteemed academic journal will be the next victim of China’s notorious censorship regime. According to Yazhou Zhoukan 亚洲周刊, Beijing will impose a restructuring order on the Journal’s editorial board, in an attempt to neutralize the influence of a group of discontented Party veterans. Continue reading

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