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Memorable Quotations from Qin Gang

Qin Gang is the public face of China. Everybody reckons he is a significant improvement from his predecessor Jiang Yu, whose looks and mannerism often call to mind the good old days when Chairman Mao’s concubine Madam Jiang Qing ruled … Continue reading

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Ping pong, panda and China’s not so harmonious diplomatic symphony

I can understand why John Pomfret,  a senior China correspondent from the Washington Post, would strive desperately  to convince his readers that China’s international reputation has remained largely unscathed despite the recent ugly displays of racial nationalism in China and … Continue reading

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April Fools’ Day Letter To Hu Jintao

Dear Hu Jintao, Don’t play with fire!    Did you get that?   I said don’t play with fire, you fool!  Photo from The Age You’re still not listening.    Here, let Jiminy Cricket explain it to you in his instructional video, … Continue reading

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