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The Visitors

The international legs of the Olympic Torch relay are over.   What has the world learned about China and the Chinese, in the past few weeks? Something like this.    An allegory from Monty Python’s, “The Visitors”: Setting:     House = The Torch’s “host” … Continue reading

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Stalinist style “disappearances” begin in Hong Kong

More thanks today to Tom Legg in Hong Kong for alerting us to yet another escalation in Beijing’s worldwide campaign of terror beyond the PRC’s borders: The Hong Kong Journalists Association was scheduled to hold a press discussion on freedom of … Continue reading

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Canberra Torch Relay: 50 Chinese Terrorise Little Girl

Loathsome bloody cowards. One woman called Marie said she was mobbed by screaming Chinese students as she tried to watch the relay go past. She had to be rescued and escorted away by police…. … Alistair Paterson, 52, from Lake … Continue reading

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