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Ivan has gone back to America

A while ago we lost touch with our American friend and co-blogger, Ivan.    And for some years we have known him to be secretive about his work. Over the past two years or so, he told us he had moved … Continue reading

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Zhang Ziyi’s Ass and Chinese Netizens’ Mouths

Has anyone noticed that the anti-vulgarity campaign actually started with Zhang Ziyi’s ass? We thought we’d seen it all: Zhang Ziyi’s ass in the settings of serious art movies, on the cover of trendy magazines, on the laps of sleazy … Continue reading

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Uncle Screwtape on Balance and Cowardice

In a recent thread about the East Turkestan (Xinjiang) dissident Rebiya Kadeer, Catherine mentioned with approbation some earlier words by her interviewer,  Australian journalist George Negus, on the widely supposed need for a journalist to be “fair and balanced.”  Negus dismissed that … Continue reading

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Ren and Stimpy Work For China’s Central Propaganda Department. Unhappy Muslims Will Be Shot!

After you watch enough CCTV (China Central Television) or read enough Xinhua “news” agency press releases (one of the principal sources of Chinese information for Western journalists in China – go figure), you begin to recognise a handful of mass-produced … Continue reading

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