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Vichy Nepal Opens Its Loins, American “China Hands” Lubricate

  Robert Brasillach (1909-1945) was a French journalist, “intellectual”, rabid antisemite, passionate admirer of German National Socialism (“socialism with German characteristics”), and a collaborator with the German occupiers of France. In 1945 he was put on trial and shot for … Continue reading

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Yang Ray’s Fair and Balanced Dialogue

YANG RAY: Good ev-uh-ning. Welcome to CCCTV’s (Culled Chinese Communists’ TV) weekly program, “Epilogue”, where the frustrated fag-ends among the elite Communist Party Princelings clip our coupons while we practice our English with our equally frustrated peers among the Anglophone … Continue reading

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This is just to prove that Catherine and I are real “China Hands” who have an exquisite and snobbish understanding and appreciation of “Oriental” cultures: Here you go!

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