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My First Ever Media Interview

Thanks to my friend JR, I had my first ever media interview. Over at the Just Recently Blog, I talked, for the first time, openly and frankly about who I am and why I blog. The following is just an … Continue reading

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Ivan has gone back to America

A while ago we lost touch with our American friend and co-blogger, Ivan.    And for some years we have known him to be secretive about his work. Over the past two years or so, he told us he had moved … Continue reading

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China’s “Global Times” and treason

Catherine and I have noticed that recently, one of the American leaders of the English-language China-blogosphere has begun to work directly for the PRC’s propaganda organs. We do not posit a direct equivalence between that American man’s life and the … Continue reading

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MAJ is everywhere! MAJ is Elvis!

As Catherine and Ned and Ivan have recently discovered from  our friend Mark’s comments on this post, it seems that the English-China-Blogopshere is now once again aflutter with excoriations of Mark Anthony Jones and innuendos that his is the hidden … Continue reading

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Postmodern post disappears!

Yesterday Catherine and I posted a very postmodern post here. For the sake of postmodern thoroughness, we have decided to make it disappear.   We have however saved a copy on our hard drives and will be happy to give one … Continue reading

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