Ned Kelly’s Pub

scaledwall.jpgGreetings, friends!  Welcome to Ned Kelly’s pub! Please order a drink of your choice, and sit down and loosen your tongue, while I tell you about the Wall of Shame.

This special page of my friend Catherine’s blog, is dedicated to identifying, exposing and analysing the practices and misdemeanours and intellectual felonies of Western “Useful Idiots” who aid and abet the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party.

What is a “Useful Idiot”?  History is replete with exemplars.  Perhaps the Iconographic patron anti-saint of them all was Walter Duranty, the New York Times correspondent in Moscow in the 1930s, who lied about the Communist Party’s terror-famine and won a Pulitzer Prize for his lies.    But have Useful Idiots become extinct, after the fall of the Berlin Wall?  Oh no, not at all.  They continue to multiply, perhaps in even greater numbers among Western journalists and bloggers and businessmen today, now that most Westerners blindly accept the Big Lie of China’s reform-through-free-markets.

In other words, something like the Berlin Wall – the “Wall of Shame” during the Cold War – still exists between the People’s Republic of China and the free world. Free and open debate about politics and religion, and access to information disagreeing with the Communist Party line, still remain strictly monitored and controlled within China, just like in the Soviet Empire whose border was the Berlin Wall until the glorious year of liberation, 1989.

And yet, today there are more Western “Useful Idiots” of the Chinese Communist Party than the Soviet Union ever had from 1917-1989.  They aid and abet the Chinese Communist Party’s suppression of information and of religion and of free speech, and they aid and abet the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda campaigns, such as, for example, the campaign now in progress for the Beijing Olympics of 2008, in which the Chinese Communist Party AND their Western Useful Idiots are collaborating to paint a Potemkin Village picture of China to the West, a pretense of China as a truly magnificent, and rapidly “reforming” state.

This page is a locus of resistance against the Western Useful Idiots of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda machine.

And I – the Australian bandit, Ned Kelly – I am your gracious and generous host!  You can see a picture of me, in my home-made suit of armour, in the corner of the picture of the “Wall of Shame.”

Oh, well, alright.  I’m not the real Ned Kelly. He was hanged in 1880.  But on this page of Catherine’s blog, Ned Kelly is reincarnated in me, your host.

Sit down and have a drink, or two or ten, with me in my pub in a corner near Catherine’s Jacaranda Tree. All honest men and women are welcome.

What will you have?  Wine?  Whisky?  Beer?  Tea? Take a draught of your choice and sit down a while with me, while we chat honestly, and without fear, about what’s really going on in China’s regime of censorship and propaganda and persecution of all religions other than their own.

The only rule on my page is:  Be honest, or else Ned Kelly will throw you into a spread-eagle and shout in your ear:  “UP AGAINST THE WALL of shame, you liar!”

Everyone, including members of the Chinese Communist Party, is welcome to hang out here at Ned Kelly’s pub.  The only rule is the rule of honesty and integrity.  That’s what this “corner pub” of Catherine’s blog is all about:  to tear down China’s wall of lies, just like truthful people destroyed the Berlin Wall of Shame in 1989.

Now tell me what you’d like to drink (or smoke), and let’s take down China’s Wall of Shame!

Ned Kelly

P.S. Please click HERE to enter the Wall of Shame.

9 Responses to Ned Kelly’s Pub

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  2. Adriana says:

    Hello, Ned. I hope you remember me from our drunken orgies at that greek place. I hope the spirits you serve are potent.


  3. Ned Kelly says:


    More potent, I’ll bet, than that Greek and his creepy crawlie friends pretend to be.

  4. Jimba_the_hut says:

    Finally, a China bar that services its brew straight up. I’ve found my seat and will indulge my senses.

  5. Ned Kelly says:

    After the first ten shots of Ivan’s contraband Kazakhstan vodka you won’t have any senses left.

  6. The Teacher says:

    What? No coffee? As a yank and a teetotaller, I demand to be served a cup of Starbucks coffee, please.

    Ok, you and Catherine are married, yes? I mean, to each other, no?

  7. The Teacher says:

    You can be married and save yourself for whatshername. The two are not mutually exclusive, are they? 🙂

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