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Posted by nanheyangrouchuan
on 3 November, 2008

Blogspot rolled over on my blog, like the panda licking chumps that they are in their feeble attempt to be allowed through the Golden Shower Shield.  But comrades in arms Catherine and Ned adhere to the creed “no man left behind” and gave me a spot on their blog.  Let the good times roll and bring on those scrawny little net bar geeks!

China does bad, bad things and we are here to keep a spotlight on China’s horrible, anti-human behavior, let’s join hands, arms, legs and form a wall that keeps China contained and neutralized!



9 Responses to Nanhe’s Kebab Shop

  1. nanheyangrouchuan says:

    I’ll eventually post some new developments regarding China’s menacing glare towards the US, Japan and Taiwan while raping Africa but I am very busy right now.

  2. C.A. Yeung says:


    That would be terrific.

    It seems there are lots of events happening in Taiwan at the moment. Michael Turton’s blog has some first hand information about a wide-spreading student movement in Taiwan against KMT’s pro-China policy.

    And of course we also have ESWN’s usual disingenuous way of presenting “objective” survey data. It goes without saying that he is a genius at manipulating Western media into believing that Taiwan popular opinion supports closer ties with China.

    Our friend Tom has long had suspicion that ESWN is working for a US-based PR company that’s closely related to the CCP propaganda machine. If you are interested in getting your hands dirty, you may be inclined to have a go at cracking this one.

  3. nanheyangrouchuan says:

    Hi Cat,

    There was a blurb in the LA Times last year about the PRC hiring PR firms in California and NYC to improve China’s image. Not that having lobbyists in DC doesn’t hurt either.

    From what I’ve seen and heard at Denver University’s Jackson/Ho China conferences, Taiwanese youth have NO tolerance, affection or acceptance of the PRC and are openly hostile towards PRC students.

    The KMT and the pan blue group is creating a generational rift and Micheal Turton might want to watch to see if the KMT makes some very aggressive moves towards economic and even social integration between Taiwan and China because I’m willing to bet that after the baby boomers stop getting elected, the political movement in Taiwan is going to swing hard in the direction of independence.

    Both Beijing and DC should know this and the Pentagon is becoming increasingly vocal about the coming clash between the US and China (from Janes Security News).

  4. nanheyangrouchuan says:

    Cat, here’s some interesting security related China news. Does this mean that we’d be seeing Blackwater and other such merc filth allowed into China for execs and even CCP officials? Does the CCP not trust its own PLA and PAP (of course not, the PLA knows who runs Bartertown, they do!).

    We could run wild with speculation on this. The CCP hires foreign mercs to protect itself from the populace AND the PLA/PAP while warlord generals fight for power amongst themselves…

    Plans within plans!

    Foreign Personal Security Risk Firms to be Allowed in China Next Year
    China is expected to open up its risk management industry next year following an anticipated rubber stamping at the Spring 2009 National People’s Congress, permitting the establishment of both local and foreign invested personal security firms that can provide services such as bodyguards, protection, escort and crisis resolution to operate across the mainland.

    Public Aggression Across China on the Rise

    Across China, multiple problems are arising with social unrest issues. Recent riots in Shenzhen over the accidental death of a bicyclist and outbreaks of minor, yet disturbing incidents in Shanghai and other cities are beginning to highlight the problems the Communist Party is having with promising wealth to its citizens, yet also having to oversee a massively deflated stock market, declining property values and unemployment on an increasingly worrying level.

  5. C.A. Yeung says:


    I’ve just turned your previous comment into a separate blogpost. Check it out.

  6. nanheyangrouchuan says:


  7. MyLaowai says:

    I’m always looking for guest posters, so feel free to write over at my place, too.

    Good work.

  8. C.A. Yeung says:


    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve just added your blog to my blogroll. I’ve even cast a vote for you at you know where. So please don’t do anything unnecessary to the baby panda. The poor thing has suffered enough abuse from the likes of you know whom.

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