Voices from the Past. Lest We Forget

The Bloodied Face of Democracy: Radio Beijing Audio from the Tiananmen Square Massacre, June 3, 1989. Audio recorded by G. Jack Urso on June 3, 1989 via satellite news feed.

Urso wrote:

“I recorded the audio you are listening to on the evening of June 3, 1989. At the time, the announcer’s name was not reported. 12 years later, with the assistance of a former report for Radio Beijing, who was present at the Tiananmen Square Massacre, I discovered the announcer’s name iw Yuan Neng and he was transferred from his job for broadcasting this report.

The script was by the then head of Radio Beijing’s news service, Wu Xiaoyong, whose father at the time was a high-ranking government official. After the broadcast, Xiaoyong was put under house arrest for two to three years and later moved to Hong Kong.”

Chinese translation of the broadcast script posted by M Wei on YouTube:









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