About Ivan’s Competitors

A letter faxed from Ivan at his business address:

Second stall from the left, Men’s lavatory, The Park, Ganymede Idaho

Dear Ned and Catherine,

In the past few days I’ve noticed what Obiwan Kenobe might call a “disturbance in the Force” of Foreign Journalist/Blogger Whores in China.   Apparently two of them have begun publicly to compete with each other for the title of Most Sensitive Handjobber.

I wish to state for your imaginary record, that in my new profession of Lavatory Handjobber, I am better qualified than either of those two expat losers to serve any propaganda organs in the world!    If China’s organs want to be serviced by foreigners, let them come to America!   USA!   USA!

I’ll be the one in the second stall from the left, reading the Global Times.

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2 Responses to About Ivan’s Competitors

  1. Ned Kelly says:

    I assure you I had nothing to do with this. I just want to know who’s behind this. He/she is brilliant.

  2. C.A. Yeung says:

    Not me either.

    I don’t have any particular problem with Rein. He is not that much of an apologist as Richard has claimed. Some of his warnings about China’s ambition and China’s plan towards economic hegemony actually put him at odds with the CCP official party line.

    I actually agree with Rein’s attack on Apple. I reckon Apple should change its PR adviser. Whoever is helping them with their China marketing strategy is not doing a very good job.

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