Update from Ivan the transsexual

Some of our regular readers have recently asked us for updates, including some updates about Ivan.

Well, recently we received an email from Ivan.   We share it with our readers herewith:

“Dear Catherine and Ned,

Greetings from my bunker in Idaho USA!   Now, recently I’ve heard that some of your readers might be interested in the truth about my sexual orientation, now that it has become fashionable in America to be transgendered.

And as an American journalist has recently offered me a shitload of money if I would tell my story about being transgendered (just like Cher Bono’s daughter/son Chaz Bono has made SO much money by being transgendered!), well, now I will confess:

I am a lesbian born in a man’s body.

And so, I am transgendered.

Therefore, in the unlikely situation of my ever going to an American Prison, well, IF that situation ever happens, in which I might suffer …

…then I would HOPE that some “anti-rape” activists might help me?

(Waiting….) …oh no, the anti-rape activists would NOT help me!   Because I’m a male, and today’s American culture of “anti-rape” don’t give a flying f— about males who are in fact the majority of rape victims.

So now you wonder why I’m on drugs?

Sincerely yours, Ivan.

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5 Responses to Update from Ivan the transsexual

  1. Ned Kelly says:

    Seriously, the majority of victims of rape, are males in prison.

    Therefore to equate outrage against rape with “women”, disregards the majority of rape victims.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    PS, Ivan and/or Ned would kill before submitting to rape.
    But rape happens, mostly to men.

  3. kingtubby1 says:

    I don’t know if Ivan’s post is a wind-up or not, but statistically 1 in 100,000 individuals experience transgenderist yearnings. And since I worked with a local tranny group (among many others) in past medical employment, here is a small factoid. David Jones the department store always used to have a designated staff member available to assist t/g’s buy their clothes when the need arose. They (at least the ones I met) led quiet lives, held good jobs and were great people to have a cup of tea and a Tim Tam with.

  4. Ned Kelly says:

    Lots of people like to molest little children too. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a disorder.

  5. Ned Kelly says:

    In further celebration of the transgendered:

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