British Petroleum’s officers do not deserve suicide

Photo from Associated Press - Bird is mired in oil on beach

Catherine has apprised me that a Chinese Twitter user has suggested that the leaders and officers of British Petroleum (BP) ought to commit ritual suicide – or “seppuku” – in the same way that ancient Japanese Samurai used to do whenever they made a mistake requring them to restore their honour through killing themselves.

But I disagree.  Because the ancient Japanese ritual of seppuku, was reserved only for persons who had some honour to begin with!

I think seppuku would be too good for the leaders of British Petroleum.   The only thing they deserve, is to be put on trial, and then if found guilty of causing this atrocity, they should be sentenced to life imprisonment under the laws of the United States and the several Gulf states,  for committing numerous counts of manslaughter on US territory.   Because even the bloody Germans and Japanese never destroyed any American land in wartime, and they never killed any Americans on American territory, as British Petroleum has done.

And personally I would prefer to see them shot in the head after a fair trial, although the present laws of the USA and the Gulf states do not have any death penalty for manslaughter or for destroying an entire sea.

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