Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 2 June 1989


21年前的今天:7点,刘晓波,候德健,高新,周舵等 “四君子” 开始在广场绝食。日晚,军队或用军车,或用其它车辆;或着便服,或列队跑步,以多种方式从多路向广场进发。最后在木樨地、新街口、王府井、六部口等处被群众堵截。有辆警车在木樨地撞倒了4人,其中3人死亡。

Wang Dan writes on 2 June 2010:

21 years ago today:  At seven o’clock,  the “Four Gentlemen” – Liu Xiaobo, Hou Dejian, Gao Xin and Zhou Duo – started their hunger strike at the Square.  That evening, troops advanced towards Tiananmen Square from many different directions, some rode in military (or other ) vehicles, some wore plain clothes and some marched in lines. When they reached various junctions at Muxidi, Xinjiekou, Wangfujing and Liubukou, they were intercepted by the crowds.  A police car knocked down four people at Muxidi and three of them were killed.

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