For all Americans on the Gulf Coast

Our American friend Ivan dedicates this song to all Americans on the Gulf Coast…

…whom President “Barack the Magic Negro” is evidently incompetent to assist, despite the presumed magical powers of his dark skin and his half-African blood.

What?  WHAT?  Is Ivan suggesting that Black Africans (not to mention half-White ones like Obama) do NOT have magical powers over the forces of nature, simply by virtue of being non-White?

And is Ivan suggesting that perhaps the “White Trash” of America’s rural south, might actually represent a precious and fragile culture in peril of extinction?   A culture and way of life that might actually have some unique wisdom of its own, whose extinction would be a million times more tragic than the extinction of any other species in the Gulf of Mexico?

Here is Ivan’s answer, the American chanteusse Joan Baez singing “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” – a song close to Ivan’s heart for several personal reasons:

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