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British Petroleum’s officers do not deserve suicide

Catherine has apprised me that a Chinese Twitter user has suggested that the leaders and officers of British Petroleum (BP) ought to commit ritual suicide – or “seppuku” – in the same way that ancient Japanese Samurai used to do … Continue reading

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Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 2 June 1989

王丹写于2010年6月2日: 21年前的今天:7点,刘晓波,候德健,高新,周舵等 “四君子” 开始在广场绝食。日晚,军队或用军车,或用其它车辆;或着便服,或列队跑步,以多种方式从多路向广场进发。最后在木樨地、新街口、王府井、六部口等处被群众堵截。有辆警车在木樨地撞倒了4人,其中3人死亡。 Wang Dan writes on 2 June 2010: 21 years ago today:  At seven o’clock,  the “Four Gentlemen” – Liu Xiaobo, Hou Dejian, Gao Xin and Zhou Duo – started their hunger strike at the Square.  That … Continue reading

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For all Americans on the Gulf Coast

Our American friend Ivan dedicates this song to all Americans on the Gulf Coast… …whom President “Barack the Magic Negro” is evidently incompetent to assist, despite the presumed magical powers of his dark skin and his half-African blood. What?  WHAT?  … Continue reading

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