Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 27 May 1989

2808_1137303266680_1050321016_30414619_4259653_n 王丹写于2010年5月27日:


Wang Dan writes on 27 May 2010:

21 years ago today: Wan Li, the Chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, returned from a visit to the US. Instead of going straight back to Beijing, he stopped over at Shanghai where he made a written statement to vow his support for important decisions made by the Politburo Standing Committee. At seven o’clock that night, the Command Headquarter at Tiananmen Square called a press conference for domestic and international media. During the conference, I made a suggestion to the students on behalf of the FASSC (Federation of all Social Sectors in the Capital). I urged them to end the peaceful sit-in on May 30th and withdraw from Tiananmen Square. The proposal was vetoed by the Command Headquarter.

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