Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 25 May 1989


21年前的今天:反戒严成为运动主轴。下午继续有几十万人上街声援。我在北大发表“来自广场的紧急呼吁”, 建议“组成四支队伍,每支两百人,轮流去广场值班,每班两天”。李鹏下午在中南海会见尼日利亚等三国驻华大使,显示党内保守派在权力斗争中已经获得胜利。

Wang Dan writes on 25 May 2010:

21 years ago today: anti-Martial Law had now become the focus of the Movement. Several hundreds of thousands of protestors once again took to the streets in the afternoon to show solidarity. At Beijing University, I delivered “an urgent appeal from the Square”, and proposed “the organising of four teams, each 200 people, to take turns and attend to a two-day shift at the Square”. That afternoon, Li Peng held a reception for Ambassadors from Nigeria and two other countries. This was a public demonstration that the conservative faction had emerged as the winner in the internal power struggle.

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