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Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 25 May 1989

王丹写于2010年5月25日: 21年前的今天:反戒严成为运动主轴。下午继续有几十万人上街声援。我在北大发表“来自广场的紧急呼吁”, 建议“组成四支队伍,每支两百人,轮流去广场值班,每班两天”。李鹏下午在中南海会见尼日利亚等三国驻华大使,显示党内保守派在权力斗争中已经获得胜利。 Wang Dan writes on 25 May 2010: 21 years ago today: anti-Martial Law had now become the focus of the Movement. Several hundreds of thousands of protestors once again took to the streets in the afternoon to … Continue reading

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