Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 16 May 1989

p7a 王丹写于2010516日:


Wang Dan writes on 16 May 2010:

21 years ago today: In Beijing, people from all walks of life took to the streets in droves to express their support for the students. In the afternoon, Wu’er Kaixi and I accompanied Yan Mingfu to the Square. Yan, in tears, offered himself as a hostage while he pleaded with students to withdraw from the Square. Wu’er Kaixi and I had both declared our support for Yan’s position, as we urged fellow students to accept his request. Soon afterwards, the commanders of the Square took this matter to a vote. 95% of hunger strikers (2699 of them) had voted against ending the strike. At dusk, more than a thousand intellectuals, led by Ba Jin and Ai Qing, delivered the “May 16 Declaration”.

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