Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 15 May 1989

t19_19210493 王丹写于2010515日:

21年前的今天:戈尔巴乔夫访华,广场学生在开希动议下转移营地,留出迎宾场地, 但当局仍然将欢迎仪式改到机场。下午,在“中国 知识界”的大横幅引领下,三万多北京知识分子游行,北大、清华教师为先导,60多个学术机构人员参加。杭州、武汉、海口、香港等各地大中城市都发生游行示威的声援活动。

Wang Dan writes on 15 May 2010:

21 years ago today: Gorbachev arrived in China for a visit. Students at Tiananmen Square followed Wu’er Kaixi’s suggestion and relocated elsewhere so that there would be enough room for a reception. The authorities had, nevertheless, decided to hold a welcoming ceremony at the airport instead. In the afternoon, more than 30,000 intellectuals in Beijing marched on the street under a huge banner marked “Intellectuals of China”. Leading the demonstrators were academics from Beijing University and Qinghua University. Members of more than 60 academic institutions had participated. Meanwhile, demonstrators in several major cities, including Hangzhou, Wuhan, Haikou and Hong Kong, also marched on the street in a show of solidarity.

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