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Video: About June Fourth 1989

The following source clip about the incident that took place on 4 June 1989 is produced by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union.  It is narrated in Cantonese with English subtitle.   There is also a clip with Chinese subtitle.  You … Continue reading

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Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 15 May 1989

王丹写于2010年5月15日: 21年前的今天:戈尔巴乔夫访华,广场学生在开希动议下转移营地,留出迎宾场地, 但当局仍然将欢迎仪式改到机场。下午,在“中国 知识界”的大横幅引领下,三万多北京知识分子游行,北大、清华教师为先导,60多个学术机构人员参加。杭州、武汉、海口、香港等各地大中城市都发生游行示威的声援活动。 Wang Dan writes on 15 May 2010: 21 years ago today: Gorbachev arrived in China for a visit. Students at Tiananmen Square followed Wu’er Kaixi’s suggestion and relocated elsewhere so that there would be enough room … Continue reading

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