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Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 8 May 1989

王丹写于2010年5月8日: 21年前的今天:学潮暂时进入缓慢发展和修整阶段,对话团持续与政府接触,但是有关方面一再推脱。北师大也表示准备重新罢课。新一轮高潮的气氛在酝酿。我此时已经退出北大筹委会,希望能有更多新人加入。高自联逐渐由王超华主持工作,王有才主持北大筹委会的日常事务。 Wang Dan writes on 8 May 2010: 21 years ago today: The student movement entered a readjustment phase; very little progress was made. The Dialogue Delegation continued its attempt to make contacts with the Government, while the authorities … Continue reading

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