Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 7 May 1989


北大筹委会发表公告,根据5月6日对全校1476个宿舍进行民意调查,赞成继续罢课的占67.2%,主张复课的占24%, 弃权的8.8%,因此从5月7日起开始罢课。并提出复课的五个条件:“1。要求人民日报就其4月26日的社论,公开纠正其错误之处;2。要求承认学生自治会的合法性;3。要求国务院立即公布调查官倒的统计数字及成立审查官倒小组,着手惩治官倒;4。要求 立即给世界经济导报总编辑钦本立复职;5。要求重新审议北京 市关于游行示威的十条。”

Wang Dan writes on 7 May 2010:

The Beijing University Preparatory Committee issued a statement about a public opinion poll conducted at all 1476 dormitories on campus on 6 May.  The results indicated that 67.2% students were in favour of continuing strike action, 24% preferred to resume classes, and 8.8% abstained.  It was therefore decided that strike would commence again from 7 May.

The Committee also put forward five demands as conditions for resuming classes:

  1. The People’s Daily would openly apologise for the wrong information it published in the 26 April editorial;
  2. The legal status of the independent student union would be acknowledged;
  3. The State Council would immediately release survey statistics on corrupt officials and would set up an anti-corruption group to review the cases and to start prosecuting corrupt officials;
  4. The Chief Editor of the World Economic Herald Qin Benli would be immediately reinstated; and
  5. The 10 regulations governing demonstrations in Beijing Municipality would be reviewed.
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