Wang Dan: 21 years ago today, 4 May 2010

demo009 王丹写于201054日:



Wang Dan writes on 4 May 2010:

21 years ago today: the Independent University Student Union launched a massive demonstration. More than 100,000 university students in Beijing had participated. The Second Ring Road was filled with students and other members of the general public. We walked for a whole day until my legs were so tired that I could not even recall how I managed to return to Beijing University. At the end of the day, I remembered Chai Ling was still leading the group, prancing around and shouting slogans. I found it rather impressive. On that day, the Independent University Student Union issued the “New May Fourth Declaration” and called for a return to class and an end to the strike. These, however, were not received favourably by students from Beijing University, Normal University and other institutions.

The following was one of the slogans we used at the May Fourth demonstration 21 years ago (it was one of my improvised creations scrawled down just before we arrived at the Xinhua Gate):

70 years ago, Beida students fought fearlessly for democracy

70 years later, Beida students, still fearless, fight again for democracy

(I know it sounds very much like a nursery rhyme. But, GEE! You couldn’t imagine how many times it had been chanted, repeatedly, in front of the Xinhua Gate.)

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