Wang Dan: 21 Years Ago Today

1485153195_f99fa2a487 王丹,写于2010年5月1日:




  1. 代表要大学生公认,不承认原来的学生会,研究生会的代表;
  2. 政府代表应当是副委员长,副总理,政治局常委以上的干部;
  3. 必须有中外记者现场采访,中央电视台,中央人民 广播电台同时转播;
  4. 时间,地点在政府和学生代表之间协商;
  5. 必须在第二天的各大报纸刊登对话的结果,公布下次对话的时间、地点。



Wang Dan writes on 1 May 2010:

21 years ago today: I chaired a press conference held jointly by “gaozilian” (Independent University Student Union) and the “Beijing University students’ Autonomous Federation” at the Beijing University Stadium. We announced our plan to organise a demonstration to commemorate the May Fourth Movement. We also called for a nation-wide student strike. At the press conference I read out a statement to denounce the dialogue held on the 29th of April. Also read out were: “gaozilian’s demands for dialogues”, “a letter to compatriots in Hong Kong” and “a letter to all universities students in China”, etc.

I still have in possession a photograph taken at that time. Also captured on the photograph is a person who is now a famous Beida professor.

The gaozilian had adopted a petition, which was meant to be submitted the next day. Listed in the petition were these conditions for dialogues:

  1. Student representatives had to be nominated by university students. Previous representatives from the student union and graduate council were not endorsed;
  2. Government representatives had to be party cadres from the ranks of vice chairmen, deputy premieres, Politburo Standing Committee members or above;
  3. Domestic and international journalists would be allowed to conduct live interviews and the meeting would be broadcast live on both Central Television and Central People’s Radio;
  4. Time and venue for this meeting will be set jointly by government and student representatives through consultation;
  5. The result of the dialogue, including the date and venue for the next meeting, will be published in all major newspapers the next day.

The Party Central and the State Council were given until noon on the 3rd of May to respond to the demands listed in the petition. The students reserved their right to demonstrate, should their requests be not granted by the due day.

The petition was drafted in my dormitory and was finalised after Wang Chaohua had edited it.

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