Tiananmen Square in Remembrance 21 Years Later

Written by Diane Gatterdam

Twenty-one years ago on this day April 8th 1989, the first trigger in a number of incidents began what was to be one of the most moving and extraordinary acts of bravery and courage in our history.

Students, workers, ordinary men and women stood up in a non-violent protest against the Communist Government of China.

This was the beginning of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Revolt. It was a seven-week fight for human rights and democracy. It also demonstrated the most evil side of men and how far they would go to save their tyrannical rule and system – that same system that rules China today.

In honor of all the Chinese hero’s and their families that participated and all my Chinese friends I will try to do a small recap of the course of events that happened on each day of those seven weeks.

April 8 1989

Zhao Ziyang chaired a politburo meeting in Qinzheng Hall in Beijing discussing views on Educational reform. During this meeting Hu Yaobang, a very popular reform leader, collapsed and was thought to have had a heart attack. He was rushed to Beijing Hospital and spent the next 6 days where reports indicated that he should recover. This was not to be.

Hu Yaobang

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