In memory of Mark Anthony Jones

Our friend “Sojourner” has  informed us that one of our frequent former commenters, Mark Anthony Jones, died at age 40 in November 2009.    He died in his native country, Australia, in which he had recently resettled after several years and many adventures in China, of which he told some beautiful stories.

We are aware of several posthumous praises of him posted in some parts of the Anglophone China-blogosphere.    But Catherine and I (and our fictional friend Ivan) would prefer to say, as  Scott Fitzgerald wrote near the end of “The Great Gatsby”, “Let us speak well of a man while he is alive.”

Mark Anthony Jones can speak for himself, with his peculiar charm, in this discourse he generously shared with us.

Catherine and I have faith that Mark is presently enjoying a discourse with God, Who will certainly enjoy Mark’s stories.

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4 Responses to In memory of Mark Anthony Jones

  1. Sojourner says:

    Ned, I’ve just been reading over the threads (or in honour of Mark, shall I say “discourses”) where you, Catherine, Mark and others debated the Great Questions of the Day.
    Excellent, thought-provoking, and occasionally erudite stuff.

    I regret having been such an indolent old sod and not venturing into the bearpit myself.

    But with Mark having departed to the Baudrillian Matrix in the sky, where can we hope to find his ilk again? Someone who defends the CCP (and he did, he did, despite his earnest denials!) with such intelligence, charm and courtesy? Take out the trolls, the Neanderthals, the fools and the brainwashed, the opportunists and the sociopaths, the Fenqing and the neo-fascists, the abrasive and the downright rude, there aren’t many left with whom one can have a civilised disagreement, re. China.

  2. Ned Kelly says:


    “Take out the Neanderthals, the fools…, the sociopaths, the the neo-fascists, the abrasive and the downright rude…”

    Haven’t you just described Ivan?

    I think Mark would appreciate what a charismatic but constroversial and irrepressible American big-city mayor, Frank Rizzo, suggested should be his own epitaph: “I’m really dead.”

  3. Sojourner says:

    But Ivan lives only in spirit, in much the same way as did Dr. Anne Myers, God rest her soul. 😛

  4. Ned Kelly says:

    Actually Ivan lives in our garden shed, as I explained in a recent response to another commenter:

    “Our American friend Ivan will respond to you after he recovers from his New Year celebrations. On December 31 he flew to Australia and knocked on our door, unannounced as usual, so as per our custom we gave him the key to the cabinet where we keep his stash of home brewed Kazakhstan vodka, right under the shelf where he keeps his DVDs of Zhang Ziyi. Since it was New Year’s Eve he had a bit more than his usual two litres. So we dragged him to our garden shed and padlocked him inside, so that the summer sun on the sheet iron roof will bake the vodka out of his pores and fumigate all the redback spiders (Australia’s equivalent of American black widows.) We left him two options of how to get out when he comes back to consciousness: A Beretta automatic pistol so he can commit suicide, or a hacksaw to cut his way out. We predict he’ll choose the latter, because Ivan only uses revolvers; he thinks automatic pistols are only for faggots and Canadians, two groups of perverts who are identical in his mind, and I might actually agree with him on that…although I can’t speak for Catherine since she knows nothing about guns.”

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