Chinese Netizens Calling for the Release of Zhao Lianhai

Zhao Lianhai in a campaign T-shirt

Zhao Lianhai in a campaign T-shirt

More than one hundred Chinese netizens have signed a petition to call for the imminent release of Zhao Lianhai.  The following is my translation of the petition:

A Letter to the Beijing Police: Urging for the Release of Zhao Lianhai, the Father of the Kidney Stone Babies

Zhao Lianhai, a famous rights activist and the founder of an organisation called the Home for the Kidney Stone Babies, was detained by Beijing Police at around mid-night last night (13 November 2009) on an alleged criminal charge of “provoking an incident”.

It is understood that Zhao’s arrest is linked to another incident that took place earlier. The trial of the first compensation claim lodged by the parents of a Kidney Stone Baby was supposed to commence on 10 November 2009. Many people, including the parents of some victims, had worked very hard for over a year in preparation for the trial. However, a day before the trial, the plaintiff’s parent Wang Gang was arrested and roughed up by the Police. Information in relation to the court case was confiscated. As a result, the trial had to be postponed.

Because of this, Zhao Lianhai has been busy collecting signatures for a letter of protest. It is ashamed that the Beijing Police will treat such a peaceful act of protest as a provocation. The signatures that Zhao has collected from over 500 netizens are now used as evidence against him. His computers, cameras and campaign T-shirts are all confiscated. Who, in their right minds, could have imposed such cruelty on the children and their parents, who are already victims of the worst man-made disaster? The slogan we once used to advocate for the release of another rights activist (“Your Mum asks you to go home for dinner”) is now changed to: “The 2 kids are calling for their Dad to come home for dinner”.

The Beijing Police had made a serious mistake when they arrested Zhao Lianhai. They are making a bad situation even worse by inflicting more pain on those whose sufferings are already unbearable.  So on this bitterly cold winter day we urge all netizens to join us in protest against the detention. We urge you to sign this petition to call for the immediate release of Zhao Lianhai.

I have already signed the online petition. Those who intend to join us can either visit this LINK or send an email to or . Your signature on the petition should include: your name, the city of your residence and your occupation.

I thank you in advance for your support. For those of you who need more information about Zhao Lianhai’s detention, please check out this press release at the Human Rights In China website.


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