Australian Diplomats under Cyber Attack

Espionage accusation between Australia and China continues.  This time it involves spam emails loaded with spyware.  The targets are said to be Australian foreign affairs officials whose work involve China.

According to today’s Sydney Morning Herald:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed yesterday staff had been briefed about a suspicious email sent to several staff last month. The source of the email is under investigation by the department’s communications experts. ASIO and the AFP would not comment yesterday on whether they were also investigating the email.

A report in the Canberra Times said the email was suspected to have originated from China and was headed ”Australia-China Free Trade Agreement Negotiations Update”. It reportedly targeted officials who work on China-related matters.

A spokeswoman for the department would not say whether the email was believed to have come from China.

Neil of Floating Life has written about this DFAT warning in a blog post today, as he is commenting about last night’s ABC Four Corners report on cyber crime.

This is a LINK to a Chinese language report about this incident at Radio Free Asia.

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1 Response to Australian Diplomats under Cyber Attack

  1. justrecently says:

    Using seemingly trustworthy senders seems to be a regular approach by Chinese intelligence organizations. According to the office for counter-intelligence for the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, there is at least one case where the German embassy in Beijing was the apparent sender of a Trojan e-mail. I guess it is actually routine. Making our networks safer, where it can be done without stifling it, should become routine, too.

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