Willful stupidity

One of our frequent commenters who goes by the admittedly accurate moniker, “Anonymous”, has recently uttered what was without question the most illogical, superstitious, wilfully stupid thing I have ever heard said in defense of anti-theism.    In the comments in this recent post, he wrote,  “transcendent good is genetically hardwired”.

What’s that again?   Transcendent good is genetically hardwired?

Thus, a person of obviously very high intelligence has become wifully stupid when it comes to rationalising what he does or doesn’t want to believe in.   I wonder, is there any connection between his anti-theism and his serious efforts to justify special privileges for homosexuals in the same breath?

GK Chesterton:

“the man who declares ‘The modern intellect can no longer accept the primitive doctrines of the Resurrection of the Dead, Transubstantiation, and a Trinitarian Godhead’ typically means ‘I’m sleeping with my neighbor’s wife.

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2 Responses to Willful stupidity

  1. anonymous says:

    It is. It’s just that some people have the right genes, some others do not.

    Since you are someone who despises political correctness, I thought you would appreciate that.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Do you realise that what you’re saying is an absolute oxymoron?

    HARDWIRING IS THE OPPOSITE OF TRANSCENDENCE! This is basic, Aristotle 101. Except for Sodomites who literally turn nature backwards and confuse the source of life with the source of feces.

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