China’s funny little friend Kim Jung Il

Attention, comrades!

(It is 6 in the morning and the radio in your house has begun to blare this message and you cannot turn it off.   The loudspeakers are playing it throughout the empty streets of your Potemkin village.)

This is to remind you that our Dear Leader Kim Jung Il’s number one ally is the People’s Republic of China!

To that end, one of Dear Leader’s international worshipers, Mr Ned Kelly of the despicable incorrect famine-plagued American-lackey-lickspittle island of Australia, has begun a new category on his blog titled, “China’s funny little friend Kim Jung Il.”

You will celebrate this victory with a birthday cake for Dear Leader!   Because every day is Dear Leader’s birthday!   You can look at this cake instead of eating!   It can be very beautiful and very convenient for you!

Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

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3 Responses to China’s funny little friend Kim Jung Il

  1. China Global Times says:

    This is certainly glorious news! Death to all revisionists who spread lies about the size of socialist birthday cakes!

    White Dancing Monkey editor of China’s Global Times

  2. justrecently says:

    This is definitely no socialist birthday cake. It’s a socialist-market-economy birthday cake with Chinese characteristics. Popular in Pyongyang, and in North Korea’s first special economic zone.

  3. Irving the Journalist says:

    I need a job. Does North Korea have a statutory maximum age limit on catamites?

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