Qin Gang’s Bottom and His Brain

Today we found more memorable quotations from Qin Gang, the eloquent and gifted public face of the Brave New China.

The first is from China Digital Times:

My sincere thanks to Xiao Qiang for the original source and the English translation.

Date: 26 July 2009

Event: It was the Open Day of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held in commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.  After Qin had finished boasting about the achievement of the Ministry, he came up with the brilliant idea of a mock-up press conference.  Everyone was given a chance to play the role of a reporter and ask Qin a question.  Chen Delin, a professor from the Beijing United University, managed to get hold of the microphone.  He asked, “What principles do you follow when you answer questions from Chinese and foreign reporters?”

Qin Gang answered:

Stand your ground firmly. Your bottom decides where your brain is (站稳立场 屁股决定脑袋). A spokesman first must be loyal to the motherland and people, and second he needs to grasp policies comprehensively and with familiarity. With these two skills, there are no difficult questions that cannot be answered.

Thanks to Qin Gang, now we have a much better idea of how his brain is connected to his bottom. We also know how this connection is essential for making him a better public face of China.

The next memorable quotation is from our friend JR from the JustRecently Weblog:

Date: 17 July 2009

Event: In a regular press conference, a reporter asked Qin Gang, “Some Chinese media have made a comparison between  Rebiya Kadeer and the Dalai Lama.  What is the Chinese Government’s view on this?”

To this Qin Gang gave a brilliant answer :

One is female and the other one is male (他们一个是女的,一个是男).  But they do have one thing in common, and that is they are both engaging in activities that aim at splitting the motherland and doing harm to ethnic unity.

As JR has correctly put it, if you’ve ever accused Qin Gang of not knowing the difference between the two leaders in exile, you might want to eat your words now.

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12 Responses to Qin Gang’s Bottom and His Brain

  1. Ned Kelly says:

    So that means he’s literally talking out of his asshole?

  2. justrecently says:

    Well, C.A., Hermit has caught you red-handed with another distorted report. The memorable press conference about the Dailai and Kadeer was on July FOURteenth.

  3. C.A. Yeung says:

    Oh dear, I guess Rao Jin is going to post another 50,000 essay at Anti-CNN to expose how evil western media has deliberately distorted fact to justify their anti-China agenda. And then CCTV will broadcast a 2-hour interview with Rao Jin to further discuss how the West has applied a strategy of initial polarization and subsequent subjugaton on China.

  4. Ned Kelly says:

    July 14 is an accursed day, the day (Bastille Day 1789) when the French got out of control.

    Here, from the Soviet movie “War and Peace” by Bondarchuk (1966-1968) is a reminder of what happens when the French are allowed to get out of control:

  5. justrecently says:

    If Australia wasn’t such a remote place, France and Germany would need to do something to control your country, too. Besides, France is seriously threatened by splittist Maghribi elements, and therefore too busy with maintaining its territorial integrity to get out of control otherwise.

  6. Ned Kelly says:


    1. Regarding France’s “splittist” elements, a few years ago I suggested to a French diplomat in Beijing that France ought to secede from Corsica. 😉

    2. If you regard “France and Germany” as de facto allies, then you have forgotten how your ancestral country Germany, and mine, England, were allies when we saved Western civilisation from the tyranny of the French. I remind you, thus:

  7. Ned Kelly says:

    PS, Germany’s allies against the bloody French, 200 years ago:

  8. Ned Kelly says:

    PPS, but FRANCE IS FORGIVEN for all insults France has churlishly hurled at Americans after America liberated France in 1944, if only because Leslie Caron is French, and she danced with the American Gene Kelly in this divinely beautiful way:

  9. justrecently says:

    Everyone was someone’s ally some time – it’s Yurop’s nature. Btw, your venerable ancestors were allied with China. OK, lemme rephrase my previous comment: if Australia wasn’t so remote, Britain, France, and Germany would have to team up and teach those barbarians down-under some respect for Their Crown. I have the strong feeling that you are one of those despicable “republicans”.

  10. justrecently says:

    This sucks. Anyway, just click on the “did-you-mean…” link on the error-404 page behind the link I gave you.

  11. johnsmith9876 says:

    “So that means he’s literally talking out of his asshole?”

    No, it means what he talking out of, you know, the hole right underneath his nose, is his asshole.

  12. Conscience says:

    No!No!NO! You are all wrong! His head has successfully been installed with a “red dam” controlling so that the words from whatever his holes are not human words.

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