What had happened to CDT?


CDT is back to normal, since around 4.00PM GMT.

I’ve been trying to access China Digital Times for the last few hours.  This is all I manage to get:


Just Recently’s Weblog is asking the same question:  What’s going on?

Is this just a technical glitch?  Or would it be the case that something more sinister had happened?

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7 Responses to What had happened to CDT?

  1. justrecently says:

    Still offline, at 10:35 GMT.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Who needs CDT when you can read the English version of Global Times, especially after its recent American Editor heroically liberalised their editorial policies at risk to his own life and liberty?

  3. justrecently says:

    I must admit that a loss of the Global Times would be painful, while a disappearance of the China Digital Times would only be a disturbing loss.

  4. C.A. Yeung says:

    It is even more disturbing when our blog is suddenly plaqued by an increasing number of spam attacks with derogatory comments targeting CDT.

    I’m wondering if you have encountered a similar problem.

  5. justrecently says:

    [*snickers, knock-on-wood*] No, not yet. Then again, enjoy the attention!

  6. justrecently says:

    (And don’t forget archiving them before you push the delete button. I’m sure it’s worth sharing.)

  7. Ned Kelly says:

    Some of them are ads for penis enlargement, which would seem to be an obsession of young male Chinese fenqing.

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