Harry, our cat

Ned and I are glad to announce the imminent arrival of Harry, our cat.  Harry is named Henry the Ninth, the future Catholic King of England.  We refuse to name Harry after any prior English Kings named Henry because most of them were murderers, adulterers and war criminals. The only exception is Henry II who, incidentally, was quite a decent monarch.  However, Henry II was French, and so he shouldn’t be counted.

Ned and I came across Harry at our local Vet.  It was love at first sight (and we believed that the feeling was mutual between us and our feline furry friend).   And so we are very happy when we find out that the clinic is looking for a home for Harry.  No one at the clinic knows much about Harry’s past.  The cat in the picture looks very much like him.  Do any of our readers know some relatives of Harry?

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2 Responses to Harry, our cat

  1. Ned Kelly says:

    A message from Harry:

    “Purr, purrrr….”

    Catherine and I apologise to China’s Department of Propaganda, for how our cat Harry does not speak in accord with correct thoughts of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Harry does not edit his purrs in accord with official CCP doctrines. If you ask Harry if XinJiang is part of China, Harry will simply answer, “Purrrrrr”.

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