China Demands Australian Film-maker to Withdraw Uighur Documentary

Kadeer The Chinese Government, out of sheer stupidity, is stepping up pressure on Australia to subjugate to its whim.  This time, the target is an Australian film on Rebiya Kadeer, to be screened at the upcoming Melbourne Film Festival.  This is a report from ABC Radio Australia:

Organisers of an Australian film festival say they have been pressured by the Chinese government to remove a documentary about an exiled dissident.

The film by Australian director Jeff Daniels, called The 10 Conditions of Love, tells the rags-to-riches story of millionaire businesswoman Rebiya Kadeer, a member of the Uighur ethnic group.

Ms Kadeer was one of China’s richest women but is now in exile in the United States.

Richard Moore, director of the Melbourne International Film Festival, says an official from the Chinese consulate rang him last Friday asking him to withdraw the documentary.

“Then (they) went on to list at great length . . . the number of so-called crimes that Rebiya Kardeer had committed against China and against humanity,” Mr Moore said.

“I have to tell you after about five minutes I fazed out and then again reminded her that there was no way we were going to withdraw the film from the festival and politely put down the phone.”

Please follow this LINK to a more detailed report from this morning’s ABC AM program.

Let me sum up how an Australian will respond to this kind of farcical situation:

  1. Amused.
  2. There’s no way Richard Moore will back down.  If he does, he’ll be called a wuss.
  3. That’s good publicity for Kardeer.  She’ll have more stories to tell when she is here for the film festival.  Good on her.
  4. Now you finally got me interested.  Where can I buy a ticket?

Incidentally, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today has  issued a stern warning to the Chinese Government about the way it handles Mr Stern Hu’s case.  Mr Rudd said and I quote:

Australia of course has significant economic interests with its relationship with China, but I also remind our Chinese friends that China too has significant economic interests at stake in its relationship with Australia and with its other commercial partners around the world,” Mr Rudd said. “A range of foreign governments and corporations will be watching this case with interest and will be watching it very closely, and they will be drawing their own conclusions as to how it is conducted.


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3 Responses to China Demands Australian Film-maker to Withdraw Uighur Documentary

  1. Hong Zhang says:

    Just face it: even the underground bikies have their code of conduct, but the Chinese communist dictator does not. They have successfully brain washed their party members into morons and they just want to dictate the world. You have seen the actions organized by the Chinese Embassies around the world. The normal people of western society always try to imagine or expecting the Chinese communist regime would try to deal things with human logic like what we do every day……. but stop dreaming, it’s hard to convert a wolf to be vegetarian.

  2. johnsmith9876 says:

    The film maker should thank the Chinese authority for boosting the popularity, and audience, of this film by at least a hundred fold. If the Chinese government don’t want you to see it, it must be telling too much truth.

  3. Ned Kelly says:

    This is why I’d be no good in the foreign service. I would have simply told the Chinese consulate to go fuck themselves.

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