Ivan is alive!

Based on our most recent clustrmap of our blog’s visitors, we now have reason to hope that Ivan is still alive.

We have had three visitors from Russia, and at least one of them is near Novosibirsk, Siberia.   Or perhaps two of them.    We hope one of them is Ivan, probably stopping in Siberia during one of his contraband vodka runs from Kazakhstan.

We await word from Ivan, whenever he shows up in the Free World.   We just hope he didn’t take a detour through XinJiang, especially considering how Ivan recently converted to Islam and always carries a Koran, or so he told us when he was drunk on Indonesian “Bintang” beer when he emailed us from Malaysia a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, here is a scene from Ivan’s favourite Muslim fairy tale, with a lesson to China about hubris, about “winning” Xinjiang but then losing a lot more:

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