Petition for the Release of Liu Xiaobo

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that a group of Chinese intellectuals have signed a petition for the release of Liu Xiaobo.  I’ve also learnt today that some Tibetan community leaders are appealing to members of their communities in China and abroad to sign the petition in support of Liu.  Here is a LINK to the online petition.

So far a total of 54 Chinese residents have put their names down.  This include famous scholars such as Xu Youyu, Mou Yushi, Qin Hui, Zhang Ming, Cui Weiping, Ai Xiaoming, Li Datong and Fu Guoyong; a Beijing based lawyer and a legal scholar; as well as writers such as Zhang Ping, Wang Lixiong, Woeser and Liu Di.

I salute these brave Chinese people for their courage.

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