Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

Today is the 194th  anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, June 18 1815.

The Battle of Waterloo and all of the wars of the French “republic” from 1793 to 1815 showed the world what happens whenever the decent nations of the world allow the French to get out of control.

But as Ned and Ivan are magnanimous in victory, we hereby salute the interminably defeated French with – what else? – a cartoon about an arrogant buffoon:

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28 Responses to Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

  1. Eugenio says:

    Napoleon , ha cercato di unire in modo sbagliato l’Europa. Oggi si commemora la piu’ grande battaglia della storia dell’umanita’ – La Storia ci insegna e ci guida senza saperlo e questa e la cosa che appasiona di piu’. Milioni di persone di varie Nazionalita’ senza saperlo vengono guidate dagli avvenimenti socio politici storici ogni giorno -il sentimento che mi spinge a scrivere e il modo con il quale la strategia umana di un uomo come Napoleon ha lasciato leggi che vengono utilizzate ancora oggi. Napoleon e’ stato il piu’ grande stratega di tutti i tempi eguagliando la grandezza di Cesare, Annibale , Genghi Chan , Alessandro Magno adesso vi debbo lasciare alla prossima.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    But Eugenio, the Modern ideology of Nationalism that was seeded by the French Revolution and then cultivated in the environment created by Napoleon, was in the long run a tragedy for European civilisation, including lamentable consequences such as the breakup of the Austrian Empire whose proximate consequence was Hitler and the Second World War, including the depredations inflicted upon Italy.

  3. Ned Kelly says:

    Oh and please write in English next time. I know enough Latin to be able to figure out the gist of what you’re saying, but most of our readers don’t.

  4. justrecently says:

    Zhou Enlai disait que évaluer l’effet de Napoléon sur l’Europe serait prématuré. Beaucoup de résultats trouvés par M Kelly sont précipités. Après tout, il est seulement un bandit australien, mais un qui veut toujours avoir le dernier mot.
    Et oui – veuillez écrire la langue de la Grande Nation la prochaine fois. C’est la langue universelle.

  5. C.A. Yeung says:

    OK translation time. Now see how it goes.

    Original text in French from JR re: comment #4


    “According to Zhou Enlai, it would be too premature to evaluate the influence of Napoleon on Europe. Many of Kelly’s findings are unfounded. But what can we expect. After all, he is just an Australian bandit who always wants to have the last word.
    And yes – please write in the language of the Great Nation next time. It is the universal language.”

  6. Ned Kelly says:

    Zhou Enlai can kiss my ass. But that’s NOT an invitation for his ghost to rendezvous with me in a Sodomite Bar in Beijing, which are soon to be shut down anyway over the laments of certain American expats who just a year ago were bruiting that “China is shaking the world” and is “the place to be”.

  7. C.A. Yeung says:


    Never mind what Ned says. He is in a bitchy grouchy mood today.

    No translation of Ned’s comment in the language of the so-called Great Nation is available. It’s beyond me.

  8. Ned Kelly says:

    Ooh! I’ll scratch your eyes out!

  9. justrecently says:

    I can imagine. Australiens are all barbarians.

  10. FOARP says:

    “which are soon to be shut down anyway over the laments of certain American expats who just a year ago were bruiting that “China is shaking the world” and is “the place to be”.”

    What, Ivan did that? If so he has fallen in my estimations, which, given that he is a fictional character, is pretty hard.

  11. justrecently says:

    Methinks Ned has started mixing up two old friends of his in his memory. Both are American, and one of them is Ivan.

  12. C.A. Yeung says:


    No Ivan didn’t do that. As the story goes, Ivan was in North Korea. Besides, there is no way that Ivan would have never said “China shakes the world”.


    The previous post was very much fictional (and satirical). But Ivan is not. Ivan is a real person. The other American (the one who keeps writing about how “China shakes the world” in his blog) can vouch to that. Just for your information, the two Americans (Ivan and Richard) had met face to face before.

  13. Ned Kelly says:

    Who cares if “China shakes the world”? Australia WIGGLES the world!

  14. justrecently says:

    That’s sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-cultural.

  15. Ned Kelly says:

    I much prefer Australia’s “Wiggles” over the German version:

  16. C.A. Yeung says:

    Ned, you do realise that JR can’t watch this without using a proxy.

    JR, the answer is no. The Wiggles are as mainstream as you can get in Australia. It’s like Vegemite – something that kids grow up with.

  17. justrecently says:

    As it happens, the video is available here sans proxy. Besides, neither my Wehrmacht nor your Wiggles will wiggle me.

  18. Ned Kelly says:

    Can JR view this one in Germany without a proxy?

  19. justrecently says:

    No, he can’t. But in this case, it’s because of copyright disputes. Until recently, most music videos were also blocked.

  20. justrecently says:

    There are no copyright issues with Die Partei.

  21. Ned Kelly says:

    The Nazi Party (NSDAP) has no copyrights over their media products?
    Ah, well the choreographers of China’s CCTV gala events will be relieved to hear that.

  22. justrecently says:

    You’ll need to get back to your history books, Ned. Die Partei was nothing to vote for either, but it wasn’t the NSDAP. Many of its members were arrested or killed by the NSDAP.

  23. Ned Kelly says:

    I know, but the two parties were cut from the same cloth. Stalin modeled his version of National(ist) Socialism on Hitler’s, and then after Stalin imposed his version upon East Germany, not much had changed except that Die Partei had cheaper and uglier uniforms and shittier music.

    The main difference between Hitler’s National Socialism and Stalin’s was that Hitler’s version was more nationalist than socialist, which is why it had more appeal to the masses than “Communism” ever had.

  24. justrecently says:

    Hitler’s version was more nationalist than socialist, which is why it had more appeal to the masses than “Communism” ever had
    The NSDAP also had more appeal to the traditional “elites”…

  25. FOARP says:

    @Ned Kelly – I think I may have just damaged my brain by watching that Wiggles video. Somehow the alcoholic and combative stereotype of the Aussie becomes so much more understandable. Here’s the British contribution to the list of crimes against humanity: it’s the Hokey Cokey (with German translation just in case JR wants to join in!):

    (PS – I presuming that not only Neddy gets to embed, hope I’m not disappointed!)

  26. justrecently says:

    AC, DC, LSD. (“And now put everything in.”)

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