Where is the Tank Man?

Chinese leaders at Zhongnanhai all know the answer.  But they are not going to tell you.  When it comes to the Tiananmen Massacre and the fate of the Tank Man, they have all taken an oath of silence.

Jiang Zemin is the only Chinese official who has ever answered questions on this topic.  Jiang broke his silence during a 1990 interview with Barbara Walters from the American Broadcasting Company for ABC News.  The following is a transcript of the part about the Tank Man:

WALTERS: What happened to the young man?

JIANG: I think this young man maybe not killed by the tank.

WALTERS: No, but did you arrest him? We heard he was arrested and executed.

JIANG: [through interpreter] Well, I can’t confirm whether this young man you mentioned was arrested or not.

WALTERS: You do not know what happened to him?

JIANG: But I think never never killed.

WALTERS: You think he was never killed.

JIANG: I think never killed.

WALTERS: Never killed.

In the same interview, Jiang also commented on the number of students killed at Tiananmen Square on 4 June 1989.  He refuted outside accusation of massacre as mere ‘stuff and nonsense’ and ‘much ado about nothing’.  He was adamant that no one would be able to find a single case of anyone killed at Tiananmen Square on that evening.  He was absolutely right.  Twenty years from now, there are more and more so-called “eye witnesses”, both Chinese and westerners, who have come forward to claim that they saw no one being killed at Tiananmen Square.  Some of them, however, admitted that killing had taken place throughout the night on the streets surrounding the Square.  Most killed were not students.  They were workers and common citizens (or laobaixing).

Does it really matter where the massacre had taken place?  The bottom line is: many innocent people were slaughtered.  Their death was seen as collateral damages – a small price to pay for greater prosperity to come.  How sad!  What hope do we have to be able to find the Tank Man?

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6 Responses to Where is the Tank Man?

  1. Ned Kelly says:

    Well you won’t get any comments from China, because no one in China will ever see this blog post, not even through the best proxies.

    Hm, but I wonder if maybe China’s GLOBAL TIMES, which now has a shiny new “Foreign” editor for its English edition, might publish something about Tank Man?

    Let’s wait for a few days and then follow up on it…

  2. MatthewTan says:

    This comment contains Chinese text.

    Basically the title of the video says, “Looking at June4 from a different perspective”

    換個角度看六四 八九天安門事件解放軍縂政治部資料片(一)

    Please note this is the first of three videos.

    Video is in Mandarin.

    The FULL video play of the Tank Man and what happened is at 6:45 minute.

    由解放軍縂政治部拍攝的珍貴官方片斷,雖然片中官方有意”忽略” 了部隊使用過份武力的片段,但也提醒我們重新思考,支聯會年年反 復播放的片段中,是否也有意”忽略”了部分史實?偏聼則暗兼聼則明,無論大陸抑或港澳臺和海外的華人都應該對所謂”反革命暴亂” 或者”屠城”的偏激看法作一次重新的認識。

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  4. ebum says:

    I’d like to know whr’s the tank man too, as a Chinese.
    Thank you for your attention about that.

  5. C.A. Yeung says:

    ebum, thanks for dropping by. It looks like Google.cn has stopped filtering some political contents. You guys who are behind the wall can see the tank man pictures now. The trouble is, we don’t know how long this is to last …

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