China: What IS China? Here’s a new theory.

China.   You’ve heard of it.   And it is indisputable that “China is shaking the world”.

But what IS China?   What is really going on in China?   There is no simple answer.    All that any Western journalist or PR agent can say without reservation, is that China is China, and China is shaking the world.

Is this good?   Is it bad?   Those are questions that only ignorant people ask.   As Nietzsche said, all real Supermen – meaning all Western journalists who are recruited by the PRC propaganda organs to be whores for the PRC’s propaganda machine – are “Beyond Good And Evil”.

To paraphrase Saint Paul – an assimilationist “splittist” Jew who knew nothing about national consciousness nor about the PRC’s  eternal claims to Tibet and Taiwan – “When I was a child, I spoke as a child and reasoned as a child, but after I got a phone call from the PRC’s Global Times to recruit me to be a propaganda whore for the Chinese Communist Party’s Department of Propaganda, then I put away childish things and convinced myself that I had ‘matured'”.

So now, in all subtlety and maturity, let us ask ourselves again, what IS China?

Only “mature” American PR agents/journalists have ever seriously considered that question!

Is China totally good, or totally bad?

(Gasp!) Wait!  Wait!   Now that I have begun to read  China’s Global Times which now has an American editor, yes now, now I have begun to UNDERSTAND CHINA!

Silly me, until I began to read China’s Global Times, I ignorantly assumed that China was totally bad! But now my eyes have been opened!  Thank you, thank you, Global Times, for teaching me, an ingoramus, that China is NOT totally bad!

I, and around one billion English-speaking Westerners, simply would have been lost and remained ignorant about China, if it were not for China’s Global Times!

The new revelations China’s Global Times has taught me about China being not totally bad, reminds me of the revelations made by Monty Python’s resident intellectual, Ann Elk:

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2 Responses to China: What IS China? Here’s a new theory.

  1. Ivan says:

    Dear Ned,

    This new and groundbreaking theory that China is not totally bad reminds me of my PhD thesis on the relationship between the Czech and Soviet armies during the Cold War. After years of painstaking research and careful thought, I concluded that the Soviet Union was the dominant one.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Condoleeza Rice tells Congress what she’ll do to Nancy Pelosi’s tits if she ever gets the chance:

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