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To MAJ: in reply to his idea of “verifiable empirical research” on Tibet

A while ago, I had a disagreement with Mark Anthony Jones, one of our regular commenters, over the issue of so-called “independent” ”verifiable” ”empirical” research on Tibet.  I called into question the type of “independent authority” on Tibet that MAJ … Continue reading

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China: What IS China? Here’s a new theory.

China.   You’ve heard of it.   And it is indisputable that “China is shaking the world”. But what IS China?   What is really going on in China?   There is no simple answer.    All that any Western journalist or PR agent can … Continue reading

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Is Du Daozheng Acting under Duress?

One of my old blog posts about the history journal Yanhuang Chunqiu has attracted unusually high traffic in the last couple of days.  This prompted me to conduct a search to find out what had happened. A rumour about the … Continue reading

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Global Times: The Implication of its “Split Personality”

Simon Elegant at Time Magazine’s The China Blog made some interesting observations about the new English edition of the Global Times.   His concerns are shared to some extent by my co-blogger Ned Kelly, even though Ned is writing exclusively about … Continue reading

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China’s “Global Times” and treason

Catherine and I have noticed that recently, one of the American leaders of the English-language China-blogosphere has begun to work directly for the PRC’s propaganda organs. We do not posit a direct equivalence between that American man’s life and the … Continue reading

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