MAJ is everywhere! MAJ is Elvis!

As Catherine and Ned and Ivan have recently discovered from  our friend Mark’s comments on this post, it seems that the English-China-Blogopshere is now once again aflutter with excoriations of Mark Anthony Jones and innuendos that his is the hidden hand behind virtually every imagineable blogosphere conspiracy against the “One China Blogosphere” policy, and all mysterious unexplained phenonomena which trouble the sleep of paranoid China-blogosphericals.

Now we are finally ready to reveal the cosmic truth:    We are Mark Anthony Jones! And so are all of you, all of our readers are Mark Anthony Jones too!      We have decided to reveal this truth to Mankind at this time, because we believe Mankind is now ready for a quantum leap of consciousness.    The hidden purpose of our blog has been to prepare Mankind for this revelation, that Mark Anthony Jones is everywhere, and Mark Anthony Jones is everybody!

But Mark Anthony Jones is only one person of the “Holy-Shit-Trinity”.   The other two persons of the Trinity, are Ivan and Elvis.

Mark and Ivan and Elvis are “three persons in one blog”.    Elvis is the Big Daddy, and Ivan is the Son of a Bitch, and Mark is the Holy Shit Spirit.    We are everywhere, and we are in everybody and everything.

Our prophet Mojo Nixon foretold this final revelation in the 1980s, in this song:

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5 Responses to MAJ is everywhere! MAJ is Elvis!

  1. C.A. Yeung says:

    Very well tagged, Ned. I particularly like the reminder about “mental breakdown of long term expats in China”.

    But both you and I, based on our very limited knowledge and only on what we see on the Internet, have reasons to believe that Richard is not experiencing a clinical mental breakdown. It seems, to our available knowledge, that he is just being very dishonest when he (in our opinion) implies that MAJ is the same person as Uriel and the other 2 unmentionable people who had been banned from his blog.

    What I am going to say now is very important. I want you, FOARP, and all other conspiracy theorists out there, to listen very carefully to what I am going to say. Every single piece of information below can be independently verified: There is no evidence to justify any implication that MAJ, Uriel, Catherine Yeung and Ivan are one and the same person. An independent and reliable source can verify that Richard had met face to face with at least 2 of these 4 people. Richard has also been introduced to some former work colleagues of our friend Fat Cat. So Richard knows exactly who Fat Cat is. Most importantly, he knows that all of these names correspond to separate individuals. There is no overlapping of identity.

    So if Richard keeps spamming his Fantabulist post and implying that I, Ned and Ivan are nothing more than MAJ’s sock-puppets, we will not retaliate in any blogosphere pissing-contest, but we WILL say to Richard: “Prove it”. And as he cannot prove it – because any such implication or allegation would be a lie – all moral and legal burdens will be on Richard.

    This isn’t our problem. It’s Richard’s problem, and as far as we are able to see, the problem is in Richard’s mind. But we have no first-hand knowledge of what goes on in Richard’s mind, except for what we deduce from what he writes on the Internet.

  2. C.A. Yeung says:

    P.S. I’d like to particularly draw Richard’s attention to his legal burdens in this matter.

  3. Ned Kelly says:

    Wow. Whenever Catherine becomes righteously indignant, she makes Ned and Ivan look like wimps in comparison to her.

    Any blogger who seriously pisses off Catherine, has a much bigger problem than dealing with the half-drunken snipes of the two fools, Ned and Ivan.

    Ned and Ivan are satirists. But Catherine is a sober and serious power to be reckoned with.

  4. Ned – I think I’m more of an anti-Elvis than an Elvis. Elvis was at least widely loved.

    I, by contrast, represent the dark side of Elvis – I’m “evil” Elvis in black, the cyber-equivalent of an “ax-murderer”!

  5. Ned Kelly says:

    Hm, you might be right. Elvis would never take Baudrillard seriously.

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