One more American soldier “changes” during the Obama administration

Just yesterday, one more American soldier underwent a “change” in Iraq, under the Obama administration:

RELEASE No. 20090307-04
March 7, 2009

U.S. Soldier killed on patrol

Multi-National Division – North

TIKRIT, Iraq – A U.S. Coalition forces Soldier died from injuries sustained following an attack on a patrol in the Salah Ad Din province of northern Iraq March 7.

The name of the deceased is being withheld pending notification of next of kin and release by the Department of Defense.

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5 Responses to One more American soldier “changes” during the Obama administration

  1. Yes, I agree Ned. The Obama asdministration is fundamentally no different from the previous one: under the two-party system, both contenders eat from the same trough – both are therefore essentially the same. The few differences that do exist are exaggerated, their showering of us with their opposing doses of rhetoric mere advertising and PR.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Hey Mark, good to hear from ya.

    I wouldn’t say all multi-party democracies are alike. I think Australia’s is a lot healthier than America’s. But although America still has a stronger rule of law than China, and is therefore considerably more free than China, one could still make a case that China’s Communist Party is more politically diverse and internally contentious than the US Congress.

    By the way, America’s Constitution does not mandate a two-party system. And most Americans did not believe in the desirability of a de facto two-party system until 1912. What happened in 1912 was that the Republican Party became split between supporters of Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidential candidacy (he was President in 1901-1909, but he ran again in 1912) versus the supporters of the incumbent Republican President Taft. This split the Republican Party and led to the election of the disastrous (Democrat) Woodrow Wilson, who got America into WW I and then buggered up the postwar arrangements, which led to Hitler and WW II. At any rate, after the election of 1912, the practice of unanimous party nominations began, and so did the idea of a de facto two-party system.

  3. Ned, I agree that the two-party system now the norm in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK are all de facto ones.

    This sentence of yours I fully agree with too: “But although America still has a stronger rule of law than China, and is therefore considerably more free than China, one could still make a case that China’s Communist Party is more politically diverse and internally contentious than the US Congress.”

  4. Ned Kelly says:

    Yep, Mark, and that’s why the PRC really IS a “republic”, at least today. (It did not function as a republic during the Cultural Revolution, and the transitional period of 1949-1958 is dubious, but China IS an authentic republic TODAY!)

    But most Westerners, and especially Americans, don’t know what a “republic” means. It is NOT the same thing as “democracy”. The word comes from Latin, “res publica”, meaning, “things/matters/materials of the public” as opposed to the private realm. And the fact that such things (in Ancient Republican Rome for example) WERE “public” rather than “private” matters, was what made the Roman republic different from ancient monarchies in which only ONE man’s PERSONAL whims governed the state – such as happened in China under Mao’s apogee of personal power, but after Mao died, China restored a true “republic”.

    The Roman idea of a “republic” was revolutionary in its time, c 500’s BC to 30 BC when Octavian solidified the role of “Emperor”. It was revolutionary NOT because it was “democratic”, but because it repudiated the archaic idea of just ONE person arbitrarily controlling all “matters of the public”.

    And China experienced a similar revolution after China’s Last Emperor, Mao died in 1976. China is not a democracy, but China IS a true republic today, yes an oligarchic one, but a true republic all the same, just like Rome was.

    By the way, the word “Emperor” is derived from the Latin word for “Military Commander-in-Chief”, which is what most Americans call Obama today. Hmmm…

  5. Ned Kelly says:

    PS, Mark,

    Our friend Ivan has sent us an email from his bunker in the mountains of Idaho, USA. He says:

    “Please tell Mark that my wife Hypatia de la Pink has found a job for Dr Anne Myers, who recently applied for political asylum in the USA after she fled on a row-boat from Kamchatka (Siberia) to Alaska because the Russians refused to acknowledge her status as a “persecuted transgendered” person. Well, today Dr Myers works as a SPECIALIST “exotic dancer” in my wife Hypatia’s workplace in Idaho, the “Kitty-Kat-Klub of Ku Klux Klan Kleagles”. And I think you will be proud of our mutual friend Dr Myers, when I tell you that her speciality-exotic-pole-dance is titled,
    “An 80 year old transgendered Australian git asks all REAL American men to Come And Git It!” …We expect former Vice President Dick Cheney, who now has a lot of extra time on his masturbatory hands, to be Dr Myers’ first customer.”

    Yeah well, Mark, you know what Ivan is like. 😉 🙂

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