Hillary Clinton insults China; Californian tofu-liberals agree with her

The Los Angeles Times – whom our friend Ivan expects to become a Spanish-language newspaper very soon- has said about Hillary Clinton’s recent bloody disastrous, preternaturally ignorant words to her Chinese hosts:

She went too far in saying that human rights “can’t interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crisis.” There is real cause for concern about China’s human rights record, and who will press the Asian giant if not the United States? Unfortunately, the decision reflects political and economic realities of the moment.

Um, no it doesn’t.    Hillary Clinton’s words to China do not reflect the realities of China at all.   Because in essence,  what she said to China was,  “America has finally accepted the fact that you Chinese are babarians who don’t care about human rights at all, and now we will deal with you on that assumption, with scorn and barely veiled contempt.”

But the majority of Chinese – especially the majority of Communist Party members in China’s central government – really DO care about human rights!     And so, yes of course Xinhua and other organs of China’s Central Propaganda Department, are presently hailing and praising Hillary Clinton’s words…because China would lose face otherwise!

But Catherine and I want to tell Hillary Clinton:

You stupid woman!    When you implied to your Chinese hosts that China DOES NOT CARE about human rights,  you insulted China in the worst possible way!    You made China lose face.   And the reason why your gracious Chinese hosts did not protest against your insult, was because your insult to China went SO deep that even to acknowledge it would be a loss of face for China!

Welcome to Obama’s America, where it’s acceptable to talk down to the Chinese as if they were “wogs” who are incapable of any appreciation of human rights;  Obama and Hillary regard the Chinese as “children” who need to be talked down to in a condescending way because the Chinese are just SO far behind the American Enlightenment.    (Insert ten thousand “sarcasm” emoticons here!)

And the paradox of this bloody racist attitude toward China, coming from an administration of America’s first Black President, just makes my head explode.   But in the land of Tofu-Liberals who think loving China means eating tofu and studying a few phrases of pidgin-Chinese, you can’t expect any logic or integrity – just masturbatory gestures about fake “multiculturalism” while the White American tofu-liberals remain very imperialist and very racist indeed!

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12 Responses to Hillary Clinton insults China; Californian tofu-liberals agree with her

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  2. justrecently says:

    I’ll never know how serious you are about the points you are making here… Btw, if the Los Angeles Times becomes Spanish-speaking, it will probably be Catholic, not tofu-liberal. You see, history moves in circles, like the Daodejing says.

  3. Ned Kelly says:

    JR, you know nothing about California. There’s nothing “Catholic” about the majority of those bloody ILLEGAL alien scum invaders from Mexico in California. And I don’t use the word “scum” lightly.

  4. Ned Kelly says:

    By the way, JR, your superciliousness about what I regard as a civilisational catastrophe – the invasion and destruction of the USA by hostile foreign invaders – just infuriates me.

    Are you bloody Germans congenitally programmed to be agents of Western civilisation’s destruction? First you tried to exterminate vast numbers of Europeans and to enslave the rest, and then virtually in the next breath now you’re bending over begging the Turks and Africans and other enemies of European civilisation to invade and destroy it, while you cheer for the cultural heirs of bloodlust-crazed Aztec savages to do the same thing to North America.

    The only thing consistent about you Germans seems to be your determination to see European civilisation exterminated either by mass murder or by suicide.

  5. justrecently says:

    The superciliousness of someone usually infuriates someone else who is no less supercilious himself.

  6. MyLaowai says:

    Actually, I like Germans, even if they do traditionally steal all the deck chairs on the Costa Del Sol. I’d say that the only thing consistent about them seems to be just that, and nothing more. A shameful practice, it’s true, but hardly one to put one off one’s martini, to be sure.

    Let’s all just pick flowers and dance naked around a maypole, like the Hippies Of Olde.

  7. justrecently says:

    Mylaowai, you are unprincipled. This is a very, very serious issue, and Ned and I will see it through to the bitter end.

  8. Ned Kelly says:

    And then after JR loses, he’ll say the Bolsheviks “stabbed him in the back”.

  9. justrecently says:

    You forgot the if, Ned. And it’s a BIG if.

  10. Ned Kelly says:

    Is this Bugs Bunny cartoon banned in Stasi-land?

  11. Ned Kelly says:

    Oops, forgot the link. WW II cartoon of Bugs Bunny meeting Hermann Goering: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0V7JpgXQvk

  12. justrecently says:

    Yes, I can watch it here in stasiland. However, it is apparently banned from cartoon network. So says the information next to it, anyway.

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