The Vatican: An Unlikely Victim of China’s Anti-pornography Censorship

Today’s reports that China has lately been blocking many Catholic websites.  The report puts forward this question to China’s censorship authorities: “is this how you fight pornography?”

As we know, China’s censorship authorities have stepped up the censoring and blocking of websites under the pretext of filtering vulgar content since late last year.  The Vatican now reveals that a large number of Catholic websites are among those blocked recently.  They include: Radio Veritas of Asia, the website of the Chinese Regional Bishops’ Conference, all of the Catholic sites of Taiwan, and those of the diocese of Hong Kong.  The Vatican does not hesitate to point out:

The [Chinese] government says that it wants to fight pornography on the internet, but it is systematically taking measures against sites with no pornographic content, which however present information not entirely in harmony with the version of the Communist Party.

The systematic censorship of Catholic sites in Taiwan even goes “against the tide” with respect to the tremendous improvement underway in relations between Beijing and Taipei.

It is understood that, which was blocked on an on-again, off-again basis for years, has now been made permanently invisible to Internet users in China.

This new development seems to suggest that the relationship between the Vatican and the Chinese Government controlled Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CCPA) has reached a new low point.  According to a recent editorial comment at, the new Beijing bishop Li Shan, the replacement for the late patriotic Michael Fu Tieshan who died a year earlier, has increasingly been dividing the faithful and causing embarrassment to the Vatican by getting too cosy with the CCPA.  Mgr Li Shan was ordained with the approval of the Holy See.  You can follow this LINK to view the editorial comment.

This is the LINK to the report about Catholic websites being another victim of China’s anti-vulgarity campaign.

And now my co-blogger Ned Kelly wants to add this message from himself to China’s Central Propaganda Department:

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