Technical Problems

This Blog is experiencing some technical problems.  In short, our modem died at around midday yesterday.  I tried every trick in the book as the technologically less savvy members of our family (I’m referring to Ned Kelly and Sam the half poodle) watched in despair.  It’s good to be surrounded by the whole family in times of crisis.  Their kindness did a lot of good to my morale but didn’t help revive the modem.  So, in a nutshell, we are out of Internet connections at home and I have to resort to blogging from a nearby Internet Cafe.  The replacement modem will not arrive till some time tomorrow, if we are lucky.  Otherwise, we’ll have to wait till next Monday before we can update our Blog.

In the meantime, I’m referring you to an exclusive report from RFA about a leaked document issued by the CCP Propaganda Department.  The document warns local officals against possible outbreak of mass incidents in Fujian Province.  The important part of this report is that CCP’s propaganda machine is finally caught admitting that China’s state security department regularly blocks overseas websites so that netizens in China, in normal circumstances, will not be able to access them.  The implied message is that the blockage is becoming less and less effective, as technologically better equipped Internet communities are growing at exponential speed in China.

Here is the LINK to the original report at RFA Mandarin Service.  Thanks to Xiao Qiang at CDT for the tips.

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3 Responses to Technical Problems

  1. justrecently says:

    Today is Friday 13th. That’s true in Fuqing City, and in Australia. Here, too. I’ll move as carefully as I can today.

  2. Ned Kelly says:


    What are you, superstitious or something? 😉

    The reason why Friday the 13th became equated with “misfortune” was because that was the date when the Templar Knights were burned at the stake in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in 1314.

  3. justrecently says:

    I’m sort of a Knight too, though not a Templar Knight. Didn’t you know?
    Glad to see that your modem is back to life.

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