What really matters: Puppies!

Catherine and I are proud to be two Human servants of a half-p0odle, our friend (and our Master) Sam, the half-poodle.

And so, our master, our house’s Overlord, Sam-half-Poodle, has asked us to remind all of our readers of what is most important in Life.

Our leader, our master, our Overlord, Sam-half-Poodle, who controls our house, has given us the following suggestion to illustrate the Meaning Of Life!   :

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2 Responses to What really matters: Puppies!

  1. C.A. Yeung says:

    I also recommend this clip of very cute apricot and red poodle puppies:

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Catherine, please go through the histrionic motions of being “fair and balanced” about this, like any true journalist or PR agent would do.

    If you want to sound like a real journalist or PR (“public relations”) agent, you must say, “the puppies seem cute to me, but are they really? In America we have puppies, and there are puppies in China too. As a weary old Sodomite atheist PR man and journalist, I like to look at puppies, but to be fair and balanced I cannot express any categorical approval or disapproval of puppies UNLESS they are against Sodomite marriage, in which case I would have to advocate their extermination.”

    That is what a REAL, “fair and balanced” journalist or PR man would say. Come on, Catherine, PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

    And insert ten thousand “sarcasm” emoticons here, looking at mainstream American journalists.

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